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Learn How to
Breathe to Heal

Resonant Frequency Breathing quickly works to restore health- improves blood oxygen levels, lowers high blood pressure and brings balance to mind and emotions.

Learn how with BreathYoga. Now the highest rated breathing course on Udemy.

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Body-Mind and Breathwork Practices That Will Change Your Life


BreathYoga is yoga and breathwork. It targets the tightness and weaknesses which lead to restricted breathing leading to strength, free breathing and energy flow.

Improved Immune System

Emotional Healing and Stress Release

Reduced Inflammation

Lowered High Blood Pressure

Strength, Flexibility and Energy Flow

Lung Power and Longevity


Learn the 8 BreathYoga Principles

BreathYoga sequences are designed to open your breath and energy. Combined with four breathwork practices, it leads to healing, insight and energy flow.