5 Conscious Breathing Practices to Try Right Now

Like many of us, you have undoubtedly read about breathing being important. Of course it sustains life itself. Yet there is potential in conscious breathing to directly and powerfully affect health and states of mind.


There are conscious breathing exercises which can reverse negative states and improve health. There are breathing exercises for anxiety, breathing for performance, breathing to heal, breathing exercises to heal emotional pain and breathing to help build immunity against disease. Here are 5 conscious breathing exercises that are used in BreathYoga and that you can try right now.

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Breathing to Reduce Anxiety: Ocean Breathing

icon for ocean breathing or ujjayi breathing

Ocean breathing is about tightening the passageway in your throat so as the air passes, it produces a sound similar to the sound of an ocean. It's like what you do when you want to fog up a mirror, but here, breathe through your nose only.

Ocean breathing helps to build diaphragm strength and the sound is calming and soothes anxiety.

Read more about Ocean Breathing


Breathing to Heal: Resonant Frequency Breathing

Breathing GIF Resonant Frequency Coherent Breathing

This breathwork exercise is usually 6 seconds inhale and 6 seconds exhale.This frequency of breathing puts us into Resonance with the cardiopulmonary system, synchronizing blood pressure, heart rate variability and brainwaves.

Resonant Frequency Breathing, or Coherent Breathing is a powerful, scientifically validated method of lowering high blood pressure, bringing the nervous system into balance, turning on our inner healing and stopping chronic inflammation. BreathYoga has a Resonant Frequency Breathing course which will teach you everything you need to know for this beautiful practice

Breathing for Health: Pear-Cone-Wave Breathing

Breathing Gif Pear Cone Wave

This is a way to visualize your breathing so you train the right muscles and maximize your breathing capacity.

The images are a "pear" a "cone" and a "wave". The large pear you imagine pushing down towards your pelvis as you inhale and expanding your lower belly and lower ribs. This is 70% of your inhale.

Next, a cone opens up and continues the next 30% of your inhale until it reaches your nipples. The two actions together should produce a smooth wave-like movement in your body from your belly to the collar bones. Healthy breathing has this wave-like quality to it.

Most people do not sufficiently use their diaphragm to breathe with and as a result, the diaphragm lacks strength and range of motion. This puts more pressure on the heart to do the work of circulation. Training your diaphragm is vital for your health and energy. This is another method of training your diaphragm that you may want to consider.

Breathing to Heal Emotions: 20 Connected Breaths

20 Connected Breaths - Breathwork Exercise Animated Gif

This breathwork exercise comes from Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork. 20 Connected Breaths is "four short, one long" done 4 times. As a daily quick practice, this can allow you to let go of stuck emotions and open up to new energy.

Rapidly and powerfully inhale into your upper chest and rib cage. Relax and let the exhalation go without control. On the slow breath (in green), inhale slowly and exhale slowly. This keeps you from "going into process" (i.e.; entering the psychedelic realm).

A guided Conscious Connected Breathwork session such as in Rebirthing maintains this connected breathing without the interruption of the blue, longer breath for upwards of 45 minutes or longer. Magic ensues.

Breathing for Immunity: Bee Breath

black bee

Bee breath is about vibrating the bones of your face with a humming exhale. Studies show that this vibration moves Nitric Oxide, a powerful host defense gas out of its origin in the paranasal sinuses and into the upper airways.

Supplemental Nitric Oxide was used successfully as a treatment in the SARS Coronavirus outbreak in 2008 and is being currently investigated as a possible treatment for Covid-19.

It can be produced naturally however, just by humming. You will find that extended humming of five minutes or more will help clear your nose and help you feel better when you have a cold or flu. This practice is covered extensively in our free 'Covid-19 Breathing Recovery' course.


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