to Energize


Breathwork, Breath Holding and Meditation 

Boost energy, vitality and mental peace using breathwork which recreates high altitude training wherever you are

Learn how with BreathYoga

Course Content

Module One: Poor Breathing Vs Superhuman Breathing: learn the science behind how brief states of high CO2 and low oxygen can move a person from being breathless to full of health and energy. Sample videos:

Course Introduction

The Low CO2 Problem

Module Two: The Breathe to Energize Practice: learn how to do Conscious Connected Breathwork and Breath Suspension with the right alignment of your body and the use of the pulse oximeter. Sample videos:

Breath and Posture

Breathe to Energize: Oximeter 

Module Three: Breath Holding and Meditation: Learn how breath suspension was key to the early yogis mastery of the body and mind to achieve spiritual liberation. Sample Video: