Adrian Cox

Adrian Cox founder breath yoga founder yoga elements

My congruency is the most powerful message I can communicate.


I teach what I practice. A daily practice of yoga, breathing, and meditation for 25 years. My insatiable curiosity and drive for learning has opened the world to me, and lead me to learn with many masters. I am passionate about what I do.

Breathing is our birthright, and changing your relationship with breath can make it easier to be more of the person you want to be, when you need to be. Over centuries and longer, different approaches to understanding and working with breath have emerged. I’ve studied those disciplines for decades, and integrated them into the work I do with BreathYoga.


From Seattle, USA originally and since I began teaching yoga in 1999, I left the US to found the Yoga Elements school of yoga in Bangkok. Yoga Elements was one of the first yoga centers in Thailand and during it’s 18 years of operation, it garnered a highly esteemed reputation for quality. It was described as “Easily Bangkok’s best studio” by Travel and Leisure (25 Top Yoga Studios Around the World) and as “Bangkok’s most inspiring place to study yoga” by Bangkok Post (reader choice awards).

I have taught workshops, and trainings worldwide, and was featured at the Yoga Journal conferences in Moscow and Bangkok in 2008, 2009, and 2010.I am certified as a Rebirthing Breathwork teacher with Viola Edward, an E-RYT certified yoga teacher trainer as well a multi-certified certified NLP trainer and hypnotherapist with John Grinder (ITNLP), Christina Hall (Society of NLP), John Overdurf (HNLP) and Stephen Gilligan. My influences in yoga include Paddy McGrath, Doug Keller, Richard Freeman, and others.